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Tips: How to Excel in Digital Art

Human beings harbor a natural urge to either create or to interpret art – a matter that has undergone evolutionary phases since the advent of rock art scores of centuries ago. Canvas and wall paintings captured the human imagination as the industry grew in leaps and bounds to blossom into various digital art forms for which you may have a burning passion.

Knowledge of how to excel in digital art can, however, mean the difference between becoming a household name and being part of the industry’s statistics on the number of digital artists who are struggling to live their professional dreams out there.

Move with the market trends

Digital art is a tech-supported professional venture. It’s, therefore, a dynamic field that requires you to set the trend by adopting a flexible approach to the industry. Change with times. Learn how to use the latest software in the market to attain superb artistry. Don’t, for example, roll out 2D graphics when your top competitors are offering superior 3D options at a price and a pace that makes them second to none.

Digital Art

Create a stunning portfolio

Archive all your digital creations irrespective of what you think about their quality. You should do this for two important reasons. One of which hinges on having an exemplary pile of works that you can showcase in your online digital promotions. Walk into a digital agency or a potential client’s office with an outline of your best creations and they are likely to find a reason to offer you a life-changing digital design gig. Or, you can also join a digital art competition. But before you do this, make sure that you know how to win an award in a digital art competition as this will positively affect you as an artist.

Design idea-bank

Besides all the top digital design software that you need to create award-winning designs, you also need a pen and paper. Many overlook this aspect owing to the mentality that phones, computers, and tablets can replace notebooks as sketch materials. Putting down a digital design idea on a piece of paper can be magical. Working with your hands broadens your imagination, making it possible for you to come up with some sketches that you can refer to later when working on projects that you want to enshrine in a creative dome of excellence.

Practice and perfection

The only way to master an art is to live by its code, and this means putting in work. Have a list of important skills that you wish to learn with the aim of improving your professional services. If you find it hard to meet deadlines on your design gigs, for example, solve your turnaround related problems by practicing with time-saving software programs. In some cases, you may need to overhaul your work schedule. Find the things holding back your design prowess and eliminate them with the intention of attaining perfection through hard-earned skills.

Digital Art

Take care of the designer

Eat well, Sleep and exercise regularly. These are significant aspects of a personal welfare program that every designer should adopt. A well-balanced diet provides memory and energy boosts as sleep revitalizes your drive to create. A healthy exercise routine keeps your moods elevated as having a happy social and family life can also give you the impetus to bloom into a global designer worth reckoning.

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Remember These Simple Tips Before You Participate In Digital Art Competitions

In recent time, digital art became extremely popular and now a day’s many artists take part in various digital art competitions as well. Participating in a digital art competition can offer a great reward to artists in the form of money and fame. But when you participate in one of these completions, then it is a wise idea that you remember following tips before taking part in the competition to avoid any problem and to have the best experience.

Tips to follow

Understand the theme

 Digital Art CompetitionsAll the digital art completions can have different themes, and if your entry does not meet the specific theme, then your entry will get null and void. To participate in an art completion and to win that, it is crucial that you understand the rule and you follow the rules while submitting your entry for same. In some cases it could be a historical theme, in other cases, they may ask you to submit future vision art, and in other cases, you may get a free hand for same. So, understand the theme and participate accordingly to avoid the chances of disqualification.

Check the basics

There could be certain rules and regulations for all the competitions, and same applies for the Digital art competitions as well. You should understand the rules that you need to follow, and in addition to this, you should also explore how to apply in that competition. In most of the cases, you will need to submit the digital art for the participation via their website. If you need to submit the entry via the website, then it is crucial that you upload it only on the official website to avoid any complications.

Original artwork is essential

Originality is another important factor that you need to remember while participating in the digital art competitions. If you copy the content from other sources, or if you take the inspiration from any place without consent, then also it might disqualify you from the competition. I am sure you would not want to face the disqualification for same. Hence it is essential that you choose to submit only the original and unique work to the competition.

Check the prize

 Digital Art CompetitionsWining a competition is always a great motivation for participation, but along with that prize also matter for many people. In some situations, they may have only some accreditation or an honorary appreciation for the winners without any significant cash or benefits. If you have some specific demands or wishes about the prize, then you should check that as well before applying or participating in it. It will keep you away from any dissatisfaction at a later time.

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All About Art Competitions

Getting their artworks exhibited is a difficult job for budding artists. An admirable way for an artist to get his works displayed is to participate in an art competition. His or her self-respect will get a large boost just by getting accepted for a prestigious one. The road to success, for many a prolific artist, has been these contests.

Art CompetitionsPeople attend competitions, not only on art. Most people would normally wait to put their foot into an art drawing, but would unfaltering get into a place where a competition event is taking place and even come out with some beautiful bold statements.

Art competition

One of the main factors that significantly enhanced the reputation of an art competition is the standing of the Judge who is going to preside over the function. Some competitions have a panel of Judges to grace the occasion. The more well known the Judge or the Jury, the more notable the event. Most of these contests are regular happenings, taking place once or twice a year. Some have an established history, and these are the ones that create a center of attention.

The subject matter of an art contest can be accurate or can be general in nature. If based on a specific theme, it can be either on the medium by which the painting is drawn (Acrylic Paint, Watercolor, etc.); the media on which it is drawn (Canvas, Paper, etc.) or content (Objects, Places, and Spaces, etc.). A frequent visitor to such events will notice that there are people who invariably turn up at these competitions.

Art gallery

The place where competition is held also plays a great role in the success of the same. Competition in an art gallery or a museum rather than a sidewalk has more standing. So does the fact whether a catalog is published or not or whether prizes are offered or not. The more prestigious the contest, the more the chances of the winner or the runner-up or even an entrant to gain further exposure.

The odds of a particular job of art, whether it had won a gift or not, coming to the attention of a trained collector is possible. Even a convenient comment on it by the Expert or any member of the panel of Judges enhances the value of the work. The collector may or may not buy it, but someone else might. Some pictures may catch the fancy of another spectator who might not be a judge, but who simply likes it. Experiencing art is on the personal level.


Art CompetitionsLeaving alone the aesthetic part of art competitions, participating and winning an art competition can be the highly profitable business. Every year, quite some art competitions take place and the prizes offered could well run into five figures or more. For a serious artist, and more so for a budding one, entering his or her works into as many a competition as possible might result in a win and future fame. These contests symbolize an art world and an art market of their own.

The places and the dates of these competitions are readily available on the Internet. For a serious artist, and more so for a budding one, entering his or her works into as many a competition as possible might result in a win and future fame. The possibility of winning some great prizes and making a name for one’s increases with the number of competitions participated. The stepping stone to a gallery of reputation is the art competition.

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