Art Competitions

Art Competitions

Are you an artist who would like to participate in an art competition? Art competitions are great avenues to develop your knowledge and confidence in your art. They also brighten your career prospect as an artist. They motivate you in achieving great heights in your art career. They provide platforms for you to showcase your talents in front of the judges and your skills get recognized. As an artist, you will learn more when you participate in competition than win awards. But how can I participate in an art competition? What will ensure that my artwork outshines others in a competition? This article will provide information about the requirements for joining an art competition that you need to know.

Factors to consider before participating in an art competition

Art CompetitionsThere are various considerations that you need to make before you take part in an art competition. These guidelines will ensure that your work receives the attention and recognition it deserves as discussed below;

Choosing the right art contest for you

Different types of art competitions are always available. Therefore, it is crucial to select a competition that best suits your skills and expertise. It is also important to define your current and future goals before taking part in a competition. For instance, if you are a watercolor artist then it would be ideal that you participate in the National watercolor competition. Selecting the right kind of competition will ensure that you attain your career objectives.

Submitting your artistic work for a competition

Once you have decided on the kind of competition, you would like to participate in. The next step now is to submit your entry for the competition. However, there are a few guidelines to follow when submitting your work as listed below;

  • Understand your market fully before submitting- it is always good to know the theme of the competitions. Different competitions have different objectives.
  • Present your best work
  • provide images that are of high resolution
  • Do not use more than one medium or style
  • Offer all the documents and details required.

Requirements to join an art competition

If you want to submit your artwork for the competition, then you must abide by the rules outlined below

Age Restrictions

If you want to participate in an online art competition, then you must be 18 years or older.

Originality of your work

If you want to participate in an art competition, then your work must be original. This means that you must be the creator of the artwork that you want to submit.


You must pay the prescribed competition fee before participating in it.


Any artist who submits any artwork for competition purposes holds all copyrights to his work.

Multiple submissions

There is no restriction on the number of entries that you can make in a given competition. It is important to note that the judges have a right to disqualify any work that is not original.